Term 2 Integrated topic: Change is everywhere

I am learning to express my understanding of Change
Teacher instruction: Make or draw something to show me what you know about change
Teacher question: What have you made/drawn to show me what you know about change?
                        At the beginning (before teaching):  

                        In the middle (part-way through teaching):
Student reflection
Then- I thought..... change was to do with chrysallises turning into butterflies

Now - I know..... change is about flowers, they change because they grow.

Term 2 writing sample

I am learning to:
1. Make my writing interesting by using describing words
2. Attempt to use capital letters and full-stops by myself

Success criteria:
I will know I can successfully do this when my writing shows
1. One or more Adjectives that match my picture
  • A capital letter at the start of my story and at the beginning of each new sentence.
  •  A full-stop at the end of each of my ideas and at the end of my story.

Next steps:
1. Use describing words that match what I have drawn in my picture.
2. Attempt to use other forms of punctuation such as commas when writing a list.

Student comment:
I think i'm good at putting full-stops.
I think I could be better at doing capital letters at the start.

Term 2 strand maths: Statistics

I am learning to:
Make statements about a data display

Success Criteria:
I will know I can do this when I can
  • Correctly say one or more things about a display of data on a pictogram e.g
  • "The most popular eye colour in Room 15 is blue"

Student Comment:
The bananas have the most fruit and the raspberry and the orange, mango, passionfruit and cherries has the least ones.