The sun

W.A.L.T: learning about the sun

I learned the sun is not the brightest star

Here is an example of  my learning you can fit 3,000 earths into the sun

next time I will do more research

Swimming term 3

W.A.L.T : to get better at doing breaststroke.

I learned to roll and breathe every three strokes.

Here is an example of my learning
I move my arms around in a circle

Next time I will try harder to go a full length

Maths Term 3 - Fractions

W.A.L.T:  order fractions with the same denominator

I learned to order fractions from smallest to largest

Here is an example of my learning
1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4
1/7 2/7 3/7 4/7 5/7 6/7 7/7

Next time I will order them quicker

Visual Art Term 2/3

W.A.L.T:  To create a mosaic picture using Indian ink and pastel

Here is an example of my learning:
I learned to use chalk to break my picture into picture into pieces.

Next time I will make the pastel brighter.

Te Reo

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Te Reo

I learned to say my mihi of by heart

I achieved my goal because l can introduce myself in Te Reo

Next time I will get better at saying my age in Te Reo

Ko Libby, Hazel and Rose toku hoa
Ko Liz toku mama
Ko Simon toku papa
E waru aku tau
Ko Zoe toku ingoa
Ko Steffens toku ingoa whanau

Reading Skills

W.A.L.T Respond using information from the text.

I learned to only use relevant information.

I achieved my goal because I explained my ideas.

Next time I will use more information from the text in my answers.

ANZAC Writing

W.A.L.T  to write an ANZAC story

I learned to put more and more adjectives in my writing.

I achieved my goal because I put more tricky words in my writing.

Next time I will explain my character more.

When I woke up on the I could hear bullets crashing outside my window and start into the cold wet sea.
I climbed up the very step hill.
I put my khaki jacket bake into the cupboard and waited for the next war to start.

Cross Country

W.A.L.T run 1.5km for cross country

I learned that it is hard to run 1.5km.

I achieved my goal because I completed  the cross country. 

Next time I will run faster at the end.

Term 1 Reading - Tigers

WALT find and keep track of ideas and information in longer texts

Success Criteria

Find the main ideas from the text.

Write ideas down on the page.

Kauri Year 4/5 Goal Setting

has just shared this Viewable by link Google Document with you:Zoe

WALT: show the care values

I show the care values when I:

Help the teacher
sit nicely on the mat
Help people when there sad
Be aware of others
Clean up after yourself
Contribute to class and group discussions 
Use your time wisely
Use appropriate language
Keep your hands and feet to yourself
Follow book standards

Name zoe 

My next step is to stay in class line/group