I have been learning to solve subtraction problems by using equal additions from a tidy number 

So What?
I have learned that when you have an equation like 73 - 28  = you can either add the same number to both sides, or you can subtract the same number from both sides. 
I have learned that it is easier to make one of the numbers into a tidy number as it is easier to work out the answer.

Now What?
My next step is to use this strategy independently
My next step is to use this strategy with larger numbers

Reading / sml / writing

What? My learning goals are:
know what different words mean
understand and organise, or order text
I am learning about reading response when you put the title author genre and write them in and write about the book you are reading.
I am learning about the new literacy program.
So what? 
My reading teacher is MR Forman. I go to him every Tuesday and Thursday in 5GF.
My writing teacher is MR Rule. We meet in 5IR every week.
My SML teacher Mrs Marsh. we meet in 5RM every Monday and Wednesday. 
Now what?
I would like to get better at reading responses.
I would like to get better at remembering which class to go to every morning.
I would like to get better at sloping my letters in handwriting and flicking my letters in handwriting.